NiCoForm Inc as an essential manufacturer remains open.
Useful Links
These link to some useful web sites, including catheter tipping machine manufacturers, electroformers using our technology in various parts of the world, professional societies, online directories, etc. should help you find additional information on items discussed on our web site.
  • Specialty Testing - Deposit internal stress testing equipment supplier (test cells and strips).
  • - A leading web site and discussion forum for electroplating, electroforming and surface finishing.
  • Catheter tipping equipment manufacturers:
    - Vante
    - Cath-Tip, Inc.
    - Beahm Designs
  • Ameritherm - Manufacturer of induction heating equipment and induction coils.
  • Microfluidic Video - Microfluidic device fabrication using a NiColoy® mold.
  • – PTFE coating services, used on some tipping dies and other components
  • – Catheter tipping mandrel & pin manufacturer