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Structural Electroforms
Complex Geometry NiColoy Electroforms Produced Net Shape
Complex Geometry NiColoy Electroforms Produced Net Shape
Fabrication of complex geometry, thin wall 3-D metal parts by conventional sheet metal work is a costly and time-consuming proposition, typically involving cutting, bending, welding, trimming, and general machining. Through elegant electroforming process design, our engineers will eliminate most of these steps, minimize secondary machining, increase component precision and reduce manufacturing costs. The resulting single-piece NiColoy® electroforms weigh less and are stronger than sheet metal fabricated components.

NiCoForm's advanced net shape electroforming approach incorporates all required features – mounting holes, counter bores, tabs, flanges, etc. into the finished part.
Our Net Shape Process assures:
  • Lower component weight and greater strength
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Single piece seamless design
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Tight tolerances
  • Reduced secondary operations
  • Integrated mounting and joining features (flanges, tabs, holes, etc.)
Electroforming of complex geometry articles offers an efficient manufacturing technique that guarantees accurate dimensions, excellent part to part repeatability, faster turnarounds and lower production costs than conventional methods.
Request Info E-mail us your drawings or 3-D model (in SolidWorks, IGES and most other mainstream CAD file formats), and we will show you how fast and easy it is to convert a solid model into a net shape NiColoy® electroform.
Electroformed Seamless Manifold
Electroformed Seamless Manifold