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NiColoy® Bellows & Contacts
Seamless NiColoy® bellows
Seamless NiColoy® bellows
Metal bellows and expansion joints are produced by electroforming, welding, and hydroforming, but only electroformed bellows are seamless and isotropic. Their properties are not compromised by the heat of welding or the strains of cold working. Thin and thick wall, multi-ply and multi-lamina bellows can be easily and cost-effectively electroformed, complete with integrated flanges and end plates.

Bellows and contacts are electroformed by electroplating metal onto a machined aluminum mandrel (model) of the desired configuration. After electroforming, aluminum is chemically dissolved, leaving behind a stress-free, seamless bellows or contact, as shown in the illustration.

NiCoForm electroforms bellows and electrical contacts with NiColoy®, an alloy that outperforms other nickel alloys in every respect. Competition's electroformed bellows have lower mechanical strength and narrower temperature operating range. They can not be reliably welded or brazed. Due to plating porosity, for leak tightness competitors rely on a copper lamina, sandwiched between two nickel layers.

NiCoForm's proprietary NiColoy® is free from the limitations and porosity of electrodeposited nickel. With superior mechanical and thermal properties, this alloy can be used over a wider temperature range (cryogenic up to 750°F/400°C), and withstand higher stresses and strains without permanent deformation. NiColoy® bellows can be welded, brazed, electrojoined and soldered with no limitations. Their stress-free nature assures longer cycle life in extension, compression, bending and rotation. Non-porous and corrosion resistant, NiColoy® bellows are helium leakproof with no copper lamina.
NiColoy® bellows outperform nickel ones, and are the only choice when extended cycle life, higher service temperature, and greater consistency are essential.
  • NiCoForm's mass-electroforming technology produces bellows with excellent part-to-part consistency and reliable performance in extension, compression, torque, bending, and rotation
  • NiColoy® bellows and contacts can be produced with walls as thin as 0.0002" (5 µm), and diameters as low as 0.02" (0.5 mm) - much smaller than possible with alternate methods - making them ideal for precision sensing and electronics applications. Electroformed bellows can also be as large as 12" (300 mm) in diameter and 25" (625 mm) long.
  • When appropriate, copper, silver, gold, rhodium, and other coatings or laminas are used to enhance the bellows' corrosion resistance, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • Leak testing of bellows is performed by helium mass spectrometry up to 10-12 mbar*l/s (atm*cc/sec) He
  • NiColoy® bellows can be permanently joined to mating components by welding, brazing, soldering, electrojoining, and the use of adhesives
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Small NiColoy® bellows
Small NiColoy® bellowsCustom Bellows
Seamless NiColoy® bellows and Mandrels
Seamless NiColoy® bellows and Mandrels Contact Us
In addition to NiColoy®, for special applications requiring low spring rates, corrosion resistance in marine environments, high pressure rating, etc., copper, or multi-ply NiColoy® and copper bellows are produced.

Partial list of Electroformed Bellows Applications:
  • Accumulators: Bladder, Diaphragm, Piston
  • Actuators: Pressure, Temperature
  • Compensators: Alignment, Volume
  • Couplings: Flexible Shaft, Low Inertia, Torque
  • Expansion Joints: Pressure, Thermal
  • Seals: Axial, Hermetic, Mechanical
  • Sensors: High Sensitivity, Pressure, Temperature
  • Dynamic Pump Housings
  • Gold-Plated High Performance Contacts
Whether you are supporting an existing product or develop a new application, our expertise will help you quickly and efficiently design, prototype and manufacture your bellows.

Choose from an ever-expanding standard line of components, or let us custom engineer bellows to your specifications - the choice is yours.