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Nickel-Phosphorus Optical Plating
Diamond Machined Optical Inserts
Diamond Machined Optical Inserts
Diamond machining is widely used in the optical industry to fabricate durable precision mold inserts for plastic optics. Nickel-Phosphorus plating is universally recognized and used world-wide as the hardest, most wear-resistant substrate for single point diamond turning (SPDT). Our electroplated nickel-phosphorus deposit is produced in a patented chemistry, originally developed for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. NiCoForm's implementation of this chemistry assures a fast and consistent plating rate, with predictable and tightly controlled alloy properties. Our unique custom-developed activation steps assure perfect adhesion of the nickel-phosphorus layer to a variety of substrates - stainless and tool steels, brass, copper, aluminum, and many others. Deposit thickness is not constrained, and due to the low-stress nature of the alloy can readily exceed, if necessary, 0.080" (2 mm). We are able to plate parts with a cross-section of up to 36" x 12" (900 x 300 mm). Detailed deposit properties can be found here.
Additional benefits of NiCoForm's Nickel-Phosphorus Plating are:
  • Short turnaround times - 1-2 weeks for most inserts.
  • Excellent machinability of deposit with diamond and conventional cutters.
  • Outstanding diamond machined surface finish.
  • Very low diamond tool wear.
  • Defect- and void-free, smooth deposit.
  • Perfect adhesion to various substrates - Stainless and Tool Steels, Brass and other Copper Alloys, Aluminum, etc.
  • Improved deposit thickness uniformity.
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Diamond Machined Optical Inserts
Diamond Machined Optical Inserts