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High strength NiColoy Properties chart
NiColoy Properties vs. Heat Treating Temperature
NiColoy® is NiCoForm's class of proprietary electroformed Nickel-Cobalt alloys distinguished by the following combination of features:
  • Leveled, smooth matte to semi bright deposit with low internal stress
  • High tensile strength
  • Medium-to-high hardness
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High purity
  • Amenable to soldering, brazing and welding
We produce two modifications of NiColoy® - high strength and high hardness, depending on the target application. The harder deposit is more suitable for mold inserts and mold repair applications. The high strength deposit exhibits a unique combination of elasticity and plasticity and is used to electroform bellows, diaphragms and other dynamic components. Please see the accompanying table and charts for a comparison of properties of the two types of NiColoy®.
As can be seen from the charts, the high strength alloy possesses a higher elongation than the high hardness one, and a somewhat lower strength and hardness. Such metals are conventionally described as 'ductile'. When stressed over its yield limit, the high strength alloy will plastically deform, rather than snap or crack in a brittle mode.

The high hardness alloy exhibits greater hardness and tensile strength, but lower elongation. This material's mechanical properties are closer to those of hardened tool steels, which dictates its application for mold inserts.

NiColoy® Properties
Nicoloy in comparison to some engineering metals chart
Engineering Properties of NiColoy