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Modular 3-Output Constant Current Controller
Compact Modular 3-Output DC Current Controller
Compact Modular 3-Output DC Current Controller
Instantly transform an old rectifier, simple battery charger or any source of DC voltage into three state-of-the-art precision constant current controllers. Every output is independently controlled over its entire range, 0 -10 A with a 0.001 A resolution. The compact modular design allows to connect an unlimited number of controllers to a single rectifier:
  • No current cross-interferences - guaranteed!
  • Absolute current stability and freedom from ripple
  • Settings are permanently stored and not affected by power outages
  • The industry's highest precision, accuracy and dependability
  • Upgrade analog rectifiers with solid state electronics, digital displays and constant memory
  • Deliver 30A of DC from a compact, lightweight, highly efficient device that fits on your benchtop
Our Constant Current Controller will reduce rejects, increase productivity, and boost your bottom line.