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Infrared Radiation Shields
Cold shields with internal baffles
Cold shields with internal baffles
Infrared (IR) radiation shields, commonly referred to as cold shields in the cooled configuration, are used to protect sensors from stray radiation in infrared cameras, missile guidance systems, imaging systems and various other devices.

Electroformed with multi-layer walls of copper, NiColoy® and gold, sometimes containing internal baffles, the shields have tight dimensional and weight tolerances. Their internal and external surfaces are often coated, respectively, with high and low emissivity coatings, although other configurations and finishes are available upon request.

NiCoForm offers as standard deep black and bright gold finishes on par with the best in the industry.

Precision CNC machining capabilities and advanced electroforming technology guarantee high yields of cold shields with integrated internal baffles, tight dimensional and weight tolerances, resulting in quick turnaround times and competitively priced components.

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