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Electroformed Catheter tipping dies, bellows and cold shields.
Electroformed Catheter tipping dies, bellows and cold shields.
If you are looking for a leading electroforming company that will provide you with engineering expertise, superior products and outstanding customer service, NiCoForm is the organization you’ve been searching for.

As a dynamic company with a strong, ever-expanding technical foundation, NiCoForm will find the solution to your problem, no matter how challenging it may be. Our experienced professionals and engineers work with you to ensure that the best products are created for each and every project.

Why Choose NiCoForm:
  • Leading expertise in our field
  • Industry-leading product performance
  • Quick & efficient quoting process
  • Work directly with our engineers
  • Timely & accurate delivery
In our relentless pursuit of electroforming and environmental excellence, NiCoForm’s facility is built around the non-polluting recuperative rinsing concept. We send no plating chemicals down the drain – protecting the environment and improving electroforming technology.
A decorative shape behind the title Our History NiCoForm is the world leader in Nickel-Cobalt electroforming. With a strong desire to improve traditional technology and build a world-class electroforming company, Berl Stein founded NiCoForm in the spring of 1999. Originally offering selective plating services for mold repair, NiCoForm continued to develop nickel-cobalt electroforming technology. The results, marketed under the trade name NiColoy®, are now the core of our growing business. We are searching out applications where this high strength proprietary alloy can provide the greatest benefit to our customers and their products. Our technology has advanced the state of the art in: With a focus on cost-effectively solving technical problems, our future will be a direct result of the challenges our customers present and the creative solutions we help them to implement.
Electroformed NiColoy® bellows.
Electroformed NiColoy® bellows.Contact Us